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How Many Kids Does Aaron Donald Have?

Considering that Aaron Donald is one of the most popular sports stars today, it’s natural to wonder how many kids he has. He has three boys. The oldest, Aaron Jr., is a basketball player, while the two youngest, Jaeda and Aaric, are football players.


Besides his two children with Jaelynn Blakey, Aaron Donald has also had a relationship with his girlfriend Erica Donald. The two are often seen making red carpet appearances together. They have also made some joint posts on social media. However, not many details have been released about their child.

Erica nee Sherman is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. She attended Saint Louis State University from 2009 to 2012. She has a degree in mass communication. She is also an active member of the community. She worked as the Community Affairs and Player Involvement manager for the Los Angeles Rams from 2015 to 2020.

She was also the marketing executive for Donda Sports, the company owned by Kanye West. She has one sister. She is a savvy businesswoman.

She is also a good mother. Her daughter, Jeada, was born in a Pittsburgh clinic in the spring of 2018. She is also a big fan of her father. When she was in high school, she wore the “Donald” jersey.

Aaron Jr.

Having grown up in a small, working class family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Aaron Donald has earned a name for himself as a defensive tackle in the NFL. In fact, he is one of the highest-paid defensive players in the league. He has also received many accolades and awards for his play.

He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in communications. In addition to his work on the field, he founded the AD99 Solutions foundation. This organization is dedicated to helping underprivileged youth realize their full potential. He hosts character development workshops for young people and participates in numerous community outreach programs.

He has been awarded a number of scholarships. He won the first-team All-State AAAA honors from the Pennsylvania Sports Writers Association for his senior season.

In addition to playing football, he has also earned a degree in mass communication. In the summer of 2015, he was selected to the Pro Bowl. He has been named to the Pro Bowl in every season of his career.



Despite the fact that Aaron Donald has played in the NFL for over four years, he has yet to decide whether he’s ready to retire. While he hasn’t stated how soon he’s going to call it a career, he has hinted that he’s ready to hang up his helmet. He’s also made mention of wanting a Super Bowl ring.

He hasn’t said much about his family or the children he has with his current partner, Erica Donald. He has said, however, that he wants to spend more time with his kids.

He and his wife Erica have been together for about three years. They met while they were both working at the St. Louis Rams. The couple started dating just a few months after they met. They eventually got engaged and married in 2020.

They live in a multi-million dollar home in Calabasas, California. Their son Aaric was born in 2021. Aaric is named after both their first names.

Family life

Despite the fact that Aaron Donald has been one of the most famous athletes in the NFL, he hasn’t changed a lot. Nevertheless, he has two kids from previous relationships. He has also started a charity foundation. This foundation will provide opportunities for underprivileged children in Pittsburgh. It also provides athletic training and mentoring for students.

When Aaron was young, his father, Archie, was a college football player. He was also a former construction worker. His parents separated when he was a child. He began to work odd jobs, such as recycling tires and doing phone books. He hoped to one day be drafted into the NFL.

While he was in school, he took sports more seriously. He was an All-State Class AAAA football player in high school. He graduated with a degree in communication. He played in college at the University of Pittsburgh. He then went on to play in the NFL.

He was named AP Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2014. He has earned endorsements, and has a salary from the NFL since 2014. He was a member of the AP All-Pro First Team in January 2019.

In February of 2019, he was named NFL Defensive Player of the Year. He has made a seven-figure donation to the Pitt Football Championship Fund.



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