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How Many Kids Did Madonna Adopt?

How Many Kids Did Madonna Adopt?

Did you know that Madonna adopted twin sisters Estere and Stelle from Malawi? In addition to those twins, she also adopted David James and Mercy James. The adoptions of these children have raised the profile of the musician and her family, making it one of the most widely known celebrities. This article takes a closer look at each of Madonna’s adopted children.

David Banda

Madonna is a mom to five children: two biological and four adopted. David and Mercy were adopted from Malawi in 2006, and their twin sisters, Estere and Stella, were adopted from Malawi in 2007. David and Mercy were both adopted when they were young and placed in orphanages, and their mother, Madonna, is a proud adoptive mother.

Madonna’s second son, David Banda, was adopted from Malawi in September 2005. Since he was a baby, David has been a multi-talented child. The singer posted videos of David playing soccer and dancing in white dresses. David is also a talented soccer player, and Madonna is now living in Portugal to support him in his soccer dreams.

Mercy James

Madonna adopted two children from Malawi in the early 2000s. Both Mercy and Guy had been abandoned by their biological mothers. The Malawi government refused to approve Mercy’s adoption because of her mother’s divorce. But the singer hired a team of lawyers to secure her adoption. In fact, the child’s biological mother died in childbirth.

Madonna has four biological children and four adopted children. Her first two adopted children, David Banda (born in 2006) and Mercy James (born in 2009), were adopted from Malawi. The last two children, Esther and Stella, were adopted in 2017. The actress also has a biological daughter named Lourdes and an adopted son named Rocco. Madonna is currently working on a biopic of her life, which she will direct herself.


When she was just four years old, Madonna adopted twin girls from Malawi, named Estere and Stella. Both are now models living in New York. Their parents adopted them when they were still babies, and they had matching outfits. Although Madonna has not confirmed whether she adopted any other children, the twins are considered her only biological offspring.

Madonna has six children in total. She has two biological children, David and Mercy, as well as one adopted child, David Banda, who was born on September 14, 2005. She has posted pictures of her kids dancing and in a white dress on her Facebook page. David is also a talented soccer player, and Madonna has even posted videos of her cheering for him on the soccer field. Madonna also has an orphanage in Malawi, which she helped fund.


In 2005, Madonna adopted her second son, David Banda, from Malawi. The adoption brought some controversy to the country, as the Malawian government requires foreign adoptive parents to live there for 18 months before the child can be adopted. The government monitors whether the adoptive parents are suitable. Madonna also supported David through his custody battle with his biological parents.

Madonna has two biological children and four adopted children. Her two adopted children are David and Mercy. David was adopted by Madonna and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie in 2006. She also adopted twin girls, Estere and Stella, in 2007 and 2018.


The singer adopted Mercy James from Malawi in 2009 and has remained relatively low-key since. But she does seem to have developed an interest in extreme sports – the family went to a skate park in January, and Mercy has won medals at gymnastics competitions. Currently, she is learning to play the piano and is a model.

David is an amazing multi-talent. In addition to his dancing skills, Madonna posts videos of David dancing. He is also a gifted soccer player. Last July, Madonna shared a video of herself cheering on David during a soccer game.


Madonna has six children in total. Her biological daughter Lourdes Leon and her son Rocco were adopted when they were young. In addition to her biological children, Madonna has adopted four Malawian children. Her adopted kids are David (born in 2006), Mercy (born in 2009), Esther (born in 2010), and Stella (born in 2017). Madonna is also a busy woman, working on a biopic about her life and her children.

Rocco spent most of his life living with his dad in the UK. He has shown a strong interest in screenwriting and directing. His relationship with his mother has been tense. His parents have a troubled history, and he prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Madonna also established the Raising Malawi charity while she was married to Ritchie. The charity partially funded an orphanage in Malawi. In 2006, Madonna adopted David Banda and Rocco, two of the children from Malawi. At that time, the Malawian government required parents to live in the country for one year before adopting a child.



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