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How Long Have Kevin and Dreka Been Together?

You may have heard rumors about a breakup between two childhood sweethearts. Or maybe you’ve noticed that Kevin and Dreka haven’t been in contact. Are you wondering how long they’ve been together? Well, read on to find out!

Friends for 14 years

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Childhood sweethearts

The childhood sweethearts, Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates, have been in a relationship for over 18 years. They have been married for seven years. During this time, they have bonded through their love for each other. This relationship has helped them overcome some major obstacles.

In addition to being childhood sweethearts, the duo is also high school sweethearts. Their friendship started when they were still in high school. Throughout their time together, they shared a love for music. Eventually, they found their way into the entertainment industry. They started producing their own music. Several years later, they began a record label.

Although they are not related, the two have shared a tumultuous upbringing. Their parents were not thrilled with Dreka’s choice of career. However, after seeing Kevin’s talent, the pair decided to give it a try.

Although they have been together for over 18 years, they have faced rumors about their relationship. Those rumors included claims of infidelity. However, the couple has chosen to remain quiet about those rumors.


Kevin Gates is not shy about his sexuality, and he has been spotted with other women. He was even jailed for assaulting a fan in Florida.

In addition to his many relationships with women, Kevin has also cheated on his wife, Dreka. They share two children together. But in the past couple of months, rumors have been spreading that Dreka is cheating on Kevin with a personal trainer. This has led to tough times for the couple’s relationship.

While Dreka has not addressed the rumours, she has been promoting her businesses. She is also active on social media with millions of followers. So when the news spread about Dreka’s alleged extramarital affair, it was inevitable that fans would jump to conclusions.

The rapper released a song called Super General that has raised eyebrows among fans. In the lyrics, the rap artist mentions “personal trainer” in the song. It’s unclear who the personal trainer is, but the lyrics suggest that the singer is having an affair with the trainer.

Breakup rumors

The rumors of Kevin and Dreka’s breakup have been circulating for some time. These two are one of the most popular couples in the music industry. They have been together for years and have two kids. However, their relationship has not been a smooth ride. Several times, they have cheated on each other and had to deal with tough times in their marriage. Luckily, they have managed to overcome these hurdles.

Before the marriage, Kevin and Dreka were friends. As a matter of fact, they met as teenagers. While they were still in high school, they became sweethearts. But, as their careers took off, they had to forge their own paths. In 2010, they founded the Bread Winner’s Association record label. Their first song was recorded in their grandmother’s house.

Although they have been working together, there have been rumors that their marriage is coming to an end. But, the couple has never commented on their relationship or broken up officially.



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