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Great America Resort is Closing Today

Earlier this week, the Great America Resort in South Bay Shores, Michigan, announced that it would be closing its doors for the season. This announcement caught many people by surprise, and a few of them have asked me for more information about the resort’s closing.

South Bay Shores

Originally, Great America’s water park was a theme park based on the 1986 Paramount movie Crocodile Dundee. It closed after two years due to a pandemic and the Great America Water Park reopened in 2017. However, there has been a saga about a supposed reboot of Crocodile Dundee for 2018.

South Bay Shores is the water park at California’s Great America. The water park is included in the price of park admission. It is a completely new park with seven new water attractions and upgraded food locations. It is also designed with a California coastal theme.

The park has 18 attractions. They include a giant wave pool, a lagoon area and a wave pool for kids. There is also a Pup’s Pier, a water playground designed for the smallest kids. There are also several slides, tubes and platforms.

Frontier Village

Located in San Jose, California, Frontier Village was an amusement park that lasted more than 20 years. It featured an Old West theme, and staged gunfights in the streets. It also featured a ferris wheel, a train ride, a magic show, and a canoe ride.

A lot of people will remember Frontier Village as a family friendly park, but it was not without its share of problems. For one thing, the park was losing money, and neighbors complained about noise. They were also concerned about the fact that the park’s attendance was lower than expected.

The new owners of Frontier Village were ready to expand, but new neighbours fought the plans. They were able to get the San Jose City Council to approve a $10 million expansion plan, after years of delay.

Halloween Haunt

Originally a Halloween-themed attraction, California’s Great America has now dropped its annual Haunt event for good. Instead, the park will now focus on holiday events, including a family-friendly Halloween event.

The popular event at California’s Great America began in 2008 and ended on October 31, 2021. It included mazes, live shows, haunted houses and more. There were also a number of kid rides, roller coasters and thrill rides. It also featured costume parties and boo-licious drinks.

The Halloween Haunt event at California’s Great America will be replaced by a new family event called Tricks and Treats. The event will include live entertainment, pumpkin decorating and trick-or-treating with Snoopy. It will also feature a number of new attractions.

The Great America Pass will include unlimited admission to the park, including Great Pumpkin Fest, during the holiday season. It will also include FREE parking all season long.

COVID-19 pandemic

Despite the fact that Great America didn’t open in 2020, it’s still not too late to get vaccinated. The CDC has said that three out of five Americans have antibodies to COVID-19. Those who are vaccinated are seeing a decline in the number of cases.

The new COVID-19 vaccine will be available for everyone, including children as young as six months. But the CDC hasn’t yet approved it for preschoolers. The statewide COVID-19 vaccine mandate is still in place, requiring most health care workers to get the shot.

A second COVID-19 vaccine booster dose will be needed around the world in the fall. Moderna, which makes the vaccine, said it’s the waning of immunity that’s contributing to the vaccine booster doses’ need.

The Oakland Unified School District has nine schools where teachers have been stage sickouts. They support students who are demanding more COVID safety measures.

Expiration date

Until recently, the Great America of Santa Clara was the lone light amongst the amusement parks of Northern California. Although the gimmick is now a distant memory, the amusement park hasn’t lost its magic. Indeed, the Great America hasn’t been soiled since 2009, and the park is a fun place to be when it’s open. The park is known for its adrenaline rushes and funnel cakes, and is a good time for visitors of all ages.

As for the future, there’s no telling whether or not the Great America will be around for the foreseeable future. Until the lease is up, employees will be able to enjoy some semblance of a normal workday. There are a few options in the queue, but no one is holding their breath.



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