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Floor Police Motorized Mop Review

Floor Police Motorized Mop Review

The Floor Police website contains some information, such as its postal address and street address, but it lacks a telephone number. However, based on the details provided and its age, it looks legitimate. It also features testimonials, social media updates, and user comments. The website’s URL may differ depending on the site you’re visiting.

Disadvantages of motorized mop

While the Floor Police Motorized Mop may look appealing, the reviews of the product show mixed results. While it has a four-star rating on Amazon, it has a number of poor ratings. People have reported poor cleaning performance and issues with durability. For these reasons, you should avoid the Floor Police Motorized Mop unless you have a large budget to spend.

The Floor Police mop comes with six washable pads. These pads come in light green, dark green, and blue. This allows you to clean a variety of floors. You can also swap the scrubbing and polishing pads in the mop. The mop also features a convenient stand that makes it convenient to move from one area to another.

One of the major drawbacks of using a non-motorized mop is that it can quickly tire you out. This can be an issue, especially for people with mobility issues. But if you choose the Floor Police mop, you can save your energy for other activities. Moreover, this mop comes with a rechargeable battery that helps you clean your floors.

Another drawback of using a motorized floor police mop is that it does not have a sprayer. A manual mop will give a better scrub, but a motorized mop is designed to be self-propelling. With its swiveling head, it can clean around furniture. Moreover, the machine is lightweight enough to be lifted by one or two fingers. It can last up to ninety minutes on a single charge.


When you read the Floor Police Reviews, you’ll see that most buyers are not completely satisfied with their purchases. Although they may seem appealing, Floor Police is a product with several drawbacks. Read on to learn about the major issues associated with this motorized mop. This review will help you make a more informed decision.

First of all, the Floor Police comes with four cleaning pads. The microfiber pads help remove dirt and grime. The polishing pad is good for restoring shine and the scouring pad helps remove sticky messes. Its motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery and can run for 90 minutes. It is also a low-profile machine that won’t stick out in your home.

Scam factor

The Floor Police Motorized Mop is a product that has received mixed reviews from consumers. The product may seem like a great buy, but there are a number of issues with it. You should read Floor Police reviews carefully before making your final decision. You should keep in mind that some reviews are genuine, while others may be scams.



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