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Floodwaters in Hopewell Twp. Kill One Monroe Man

The floodwaters in Hopewell Twp. killed one Monroe man. Shyam Patel, a resident of Monroe, was found dead in the floodwaters on Route 518 east of Route 31. Shyam Patel loved cars and working out. His family held a funeral for him at his home in Monroe.

Mark Pavol

The floodwaters that flooded Hopewell Twp. on Sept. 1 took the lives of Yvonne Mahoney and Jake Taylor. Both women were 78 years old and were from the Ringoes section of East Amwell Township. Mark Pavol drowned while trying to exit his car. He was discove at the scene at 4:14 a.m. He was from Somerville and grew up in Manville. His wife and three daughters survived him as well as two grandchildren. He had several siblings and nephews.

Sunanda Upadhye

The death of a Woodbridge woman in the floodwaters of Hurricane Ida remains a tragedy. At first, police thought Sunanda Upadhye had been washed away by the flooding, but they later learned that she was electrocuted. A flood spewed up to ten feet deep on Gill Lane, a busy road in Woodbridge.

Shyam Patel

New Jersey residents are dealing with floodwaters after a fatal crash on a flood-damaged highway in the town of Hopewell. But when he returned to the scene, he saw another car drive into the floodwaters. That car was believed to be Patel’s. Within 10 seconds, the conditions had changed drastically. Patel had to jump from the vehicle, which began floating and filling with water.

Yvonne Mahoney

A New Jersey woman is mourning the death of another local resident who was found floating in floodwaters in her car, after the water began to rise. Yvonne Mahoney, 78, was found in her car on Sept. 1 around 8 p.m. in Hopewell Twp. The area is near the Jacobs Creek, which runs through the town.

Patrick Jeffrey

On Sept. 2, authorities found the body of 55-year-old Maplewood man, Patrick Jeffrey, near a culvert near 658 Ridgewood Road. Authorities believe he was trying to clear debris from the drainage system. Jeffrey’s wife reported him missing at about 9:30 p.m. Jeffrey was an executive in the securities industry and also coached flag football. . The couple had two children.

Barry Snyder

The hopewell Amwell road and Barry Snyder floods killed one person, 78-year-old Yvonne Mahoney. She was found on Sept. 1 in a flooded vehicle along Pennington-Titusville Road, east of Route 579. Jacobs Creek runs through the area. The water swept her body from the car. The floodwaters killed several other people, including police officer Kevin Dooley.

Cheryl Talke

The tragedy of the Hopewell Amwell road flooding has left some wondering where their loved ones are. Three men, one of them from Bridgewater, and another from Somerville, died in the flood waters. Police say they were in their car when the flood waters reach them, and they were swept away. Their bodies were discovere after the floodwaters had receded. Cheryl Talke was 61 and had recently lost a friend and family member in the flood.

Two Dead in Flash Flooding in Hopewell Township, NJ, Wednesday

Flash flooding in the Hopewell Township area caused two deaths on Wednesday night. The floodwaters swept away a police officer and another resident of Hopewell Township. Both died after attempting to save their lives by jumping out of their vehicles and clinging to trees. Rescuers said they were unable to save the driver. The other victim, a resident, was rescued by rescue workers from a flooded home.

Floodwaters Near Their Homes In The Town

Police say Yvonne Mahoney, 78, and her husband, Michael, died in the floodwaters near their homes in the town. She was swept away while trying to drive to work at 2:28 a.m., and her car became trapped in the floodwaters. Police were alerted, and they found the woman’s body near Cooper Avenue Park, which is in the area. Her husband started a GoFundMe account to help pay for her funeral.

According to the National Weather Service

The deaths in central Jersey occurred along the path of the highest rainfall. According to the National Weather Service and Rutgers University Weather Network, the township recorded 7.8 inches of rain.

Several state highways were partially closed Thursday because of flooding and fallen trees and wires. State officials are reviewing their messaging system for better safety information, but the flooding left many motorists trapped in their vehicles. The death toll in New Jersey now stands at 12.


Flooding in Hopewell Township on Wednesday From Storms Caused by Hurricane Ida

Three police officers were stranded in floodwaters after Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc on the area. James Hoffman jumped from his car and hung onto a tree, and Robert Voorhees made the same brave choice. The three officers were rescue two hours later. Their bodies were recover.

Floodwaters Have Cut Power To More Than 5,000 Households

State Governor Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency after the storms hit on Wednesday night. Authorities are urging residents to stay away from the affected roads. Floodwaters have cut power to more than 5,000 households. Power was restore to most homes by Thursday, but police are urging people to turn around if they must travel.

The Millstone River And Route 29 Are Rising

The storm caused flooding in many areas of the Princeton area, causing roads to close and major problems. The Princeton Police Department and the Princeton Fire Department are still assisting in several water rescues, while the Millstone River and Route 29 are rising.

The Water Rose, And Windows Were Block

The water rose quickly from a lake to a basement apartment, engulfing the apartment complex. Residents had to stand on furniture as the water rose, and windows were block. The flooding had completely destroyed 12 apartments. Of those affected, 12 of them were in “terrace level” apartments – below the main ground-level apartments and down several steps from the parking lot. Residents were trap because they could not get to the apartments.



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