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Fauzia Mubarak Ali

Fauzia Mubarak Ali is married to the famous British singer Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam). She is a human rights activist and co-founded Small Kindness charity with her husband.

Her passion for making social justice an everyday experience has not waned despite her marriage. In addition, she is an active supporter of her husband’s desire for world peace.

Human rights activist

A human rights activist is someone who fights for a broad range of rights. They might be an individual who takes a stand against the repression of certain political or civil rights, or a group that works to promote certain aspects of human rights in particular regions or countries.

Human rights defenders can be anyone – men, women, young people, and children – from any country or region in the world. They could be employed in a professional capacity or they may be unpaid volunteers.

There is an increasing number of human rights defenders being targeted and killed around the globe. This is despite the fact that human rights are essential to democracy, good governance and a just society.

Fauzia Mubarak Ali is a human rights activist who has been campaigning for social justice for years. She is co-founder of Small Kindness charity along with her husband Cat Stevens and has also worked to support numerous other charities in Pakistan.

Wife of Cat Stevens

Fauzia Mubarak Ali is the wife of British singer-songwriter Cat Stevens. She has been with her husband since 1979 and is the mother of five children.

She has also worked as a human rights activist and has founded several Islamic schools in London. She has also fought against the idea that Islam has contributed to terrorism.

Her husband, who was born on July 21, 1948, is a renowned musician. He is best known for his folk music.

He is a British vocalist, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist who first gained fame with his songs. His songs about love and peace were popular among the masses, which eventually led to his success as a singer-songwriter.

He began studying religion after hearing a call to prayer on a trip to Morocco. He then had a near-death experience and decided to convert to Islam. He then changed his name to Yusuf Islam.

Mother of five children

The human rights activist and wife of legendary singer-songwriter Cat Stevens, Fauzia Mubarak Ali is the pillar behind her husband’s faith. She is also one of the most active charity workers in her country, Pakistan.

She is known for her dedication to helping women and children in her country through her charities and efforts. She has a passion for social justice and believes that it is necessary to fight against discrimination and violence against women in her country.

While she may not be as active as she would like to be after her marriage and five children, she still has a strong passion for making social justice an everyday experience for the women in her country.

The mother of five has an arranged marriage with her husband, Steven Demetre Georgiou, who changed his name to Yusuf Islam in 1979 after converting to the Islamic religion. He married Fauzia in a lavish wedding ceremony held at Regent’s Park Mosque.


Fauzia Mubarak Ali, who is also known as Yusuf Islam’s wife, is a human rights activist. She works to promote women’s rights, social discrimination, and democracy in her native country of Pakistan.

She is a prominent figure in the human rights community and founded the Human Rights Advocates Association (HRAA). Her organization strives to influence people to work towards achieving social justice for everyone.

Her husband, Yusuf Islam, is a British singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has written songs in various genres, including folk and pop.

In 1977, he converted to Islam and changed his name to Yusuf. He sold off his guitars and turned his focus to teaching and charitable activities.

He and his wife Fauzia Mubarak Ali are blessed with five children: Hassana Islam, Asmaa Eve Georgiou Islam, Maymanah Islam, Muhammad Islam aka Yoriyos Adamos, and Amina Yusuf.

The couple has been married for more than four decades. They are also the parents of nine grandchildren.



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