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ExtraEmily Columbia

Have you heard of Emily Xuechun Zhang, a YouTuber and Twitch streamer? She is from Columbia, Maryland and her relationship with her boyfriend has made her quite a social media star. Read on to learn more about her and her life.

Emily Xuechun Zhang

Emily Xuechun Zhang, ExtraEmily Columbia is a 24-year-old gamer, streamer and social media influencer with over six thousand followers on the platform. She has partnered with the streaming juggernaut Twitch to create a strong foundation for growth. She is also known for her Super Mario speed run. It is not uncommon to see her in action playing the game on her Cyberpower PC. Her Twitter handle is @extraemilyy.

As for the real world, she attended Columbia University and majored in financial engineering. While in school, she won a number of awards. This paved the way for her to take the plunge and move to New York City. The move did come with a catch. However, it did not last long. One of her many brushes with the law involved a racist encounter at a local McDonald’s.

Twitch streamer

ExtraEmily is an American streamer who was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She went to Columbia University and majored in finance. When she got older, she decided to pursue a career in gaming. After graduating, she moved to New York City to focus on her streaming career.

ExtraEmily is a streamer who uses both IRL and web-based content. Most of her streams are on the Nintendo Wii or the Nintendo Switch. In addition, she also does a bit of PC game streaming. Her YouTube channel features vlogs, highlights, and tier lists. As a Twitch streamer, she has around 1.6k concurrent viewers.

ExtraEmily began gushing in May of 2020. She was one of the first Twitch streamers to do a 24-hour stream. She started playing Super Mario Odyssey for that time and finished it. But she regretted doing the Paqui One Chip Challenge.


ExtraEmily is a YouTuber, speed runner, social media guru, and a bit of a jack of all trades. In her waking hours she streams on Twitch from around 1AM to 4AM GMT. She is known for playing games on the Switch, Wii, and even a handful of PC titles. Her Twitter handle is @extraemilyy.

One of the first things she bought was a Cyberpower PC, which she then upgraded to a gaming rig of her own. Along with her new rig, she also upgraded her laptop to a gaming PC. Not surprisingly, she loves to play games and has even done a bit of streaming in the name of fun. On one such occasion, she did a 24 hour marathon of Super Mario Odyssey, which was an achievement in itself.

Social media influencer

A quick perusal of the Internet’s social networking sites should tell you that ExtraEmily is a real live human. She hasn’t exactly wowed the world but has managed to garner the attention of the most discerning of Twitch buffs. In the last 12 months, she’s racked up over ten thousand followers and is a regular on the schedule. It’s also safe to assume that the social butterfly has an entourage of her own. To top it off, she is an exceptionally talented writer. Indeed, she writes about the topical subjects on a near weekly basis. Her latest novel, The tiger’s nest, is slated to be released in the first quarter of 2023. Currently, ExtraEmily resides in New York and is a devoted gaming enthusiast. As such, she has managed to garner a healthy following for her sane and sane based game play.

Relationship with a boyfriend

If you’re watching the Netflix original series Emily in Paris, you might wonder about Emily’s relationship with a boyfriend. She’s always been a strong young woman with a good career and ambitions, but it seems like her love life isn’t going as smoothly as she would like.

For one thing, her relationship with Doug seems to be over when she moves to Paris. That’s why she’s hesitant to pursue other guys. It also seems like she’s been unable to escape her upstairs neighbor, Gabriel. He doesn’t take responsibility for his actions.

As Emily is getting to know Gabriel better, she also learns about his relationship with Camille. However, they decide to break up. In the meantime, she falls for her semiotics professor.

Initially, Emily’s chemistry with Thomas is very obvious. The two spend a couple nights together. During that time, she realizes that Thomas isn’t quite as charming and intellectual as she thought.



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