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ExtraEmily Birthday

The extraemily birthday is one of the most memorable day of the year. This is because it is the birthday of the very popular YouTube channel that is known worldwide. It is also the birthday of the star of the Twitch, Emily Xuechun Zhang.

Emily Xuechun Zhang

ExtraEmily is a Twitch streamer who is famous for her Super Mario 64 speed runs, her IRL (in real life) streams, and her comic timing. She graduated from Columbia University, and has moved to New York City to pursue a career in streaming. Her tally of followers on Twitch currently stands at over 104,000.

As an IRL streamer, she is also known for her colorful personality, and her tendency to gussy up a wide range of games, including Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch, and PC Games. However, she hasn’t always mastered the art of IRL streaming. For example, she once ate a hot chip, which resulted in her flinging her tongue out. The clip has since spread across the streaming community, with some people seeing her actions as rude and others taking the opportunity to spout their opinions on the matter.

While ExtraEmily is known for her ability to spout the occasional TikTok gimmick, she actually hasn’t gotten much press for doing the one thing that she actually does. That’s because she’s primarily focused on her web-based feature at the moment.

YouTube channel

Extraemily, aka Extraem, is a 24-year-old aficionado of video games who recently moved to New York City to pursue a life of gaming. For someone who isn’t a sexy-sexy girl, she sure knows how to put on a show. She’s been gushing about everything from Nintendo Wii games to a certain “un-sexy” sexy girl’s PC. Her YouTube channel has earned her a cult following and she’s even filling in for a “tech investigator” in the game.

Apparently, she has a lot more to do with her life than just play games, she’s also got a knack for writing code. She’s been able to repurpose her computer to act as a gaming rig and she’s even been spotted out and about in the wilds of Brooklyn and Manhattan.


Extraemily, a video game enthusiast, is known for her unique personality. She is famous for her comic timing in her streams, as well as her technical abilities when playing games. In addition to her popularity on Twitch, she is also well-known on TikTok. With over 21,000 followers on Twitter, Extraemily has built up an impressive online presence. A 24-year-old decoration, Extraemily started streaming on her channel after moving to New York City to focus on her career.

Although she currently has a web-based presence, Extraemily was previously featured in popular YouTube channels’ daily dos. Her content, including speed runs of Super Mario 64, has made her a fan favorite on the platform. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Extraemily studied at Columbia University and graduated in financial engineering. Now, she is working as a Tech analyst for a company in New York City.

At the age of 27, Extraemily is known to have a positive attitude and a sense of humor. She is a fan of Nintendo Wii and Switch, and occasionally streams PC games.

Relationship with a boyfriend

When Emily and Miles broke up, it was a mutual agreement to avoid further progressing their relationship. In fact, it’s only been since this month that they have addressed any of the rumours surrounding their split. However, it seems that it has taken more than just the usual “be honest” and “it’s not real” approach to get their story heard.

Whether it’s through Instagram or YouTube, Emily Miller and Cam Holmes have finally addressed their relationship rumors in a video. It seems that the two are back on track and are in a better place than they were before.

They also confirmed that they had time to spend apart. This means they might have gotten over their lingering relationship issues. As a result, it’s not surprising to hear that they are dating again.

They have a very different personality. For instance, Emily is very serious about her career, while Evelyn is more of a go-with-the-flow kind of person. And they have a lot of differing opinions on different topics. But there is one thing they have in common.



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