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Example of a Will Call

Example of a Will Call

A will call is a legal document that states the terms under which an estate is distributed. An attorney can make a will call on your behalf to ensure that all the appropriate details are included. For example, a will can say that a portion of the estate will go to a specific beneficiary, and it can also say that there is no beneficiary.

Inga’s cousin drove them to the attorney’s office

The court found that Inga had not exerted undue influence over Marvin in making his will. Although she urged him to make a will that benefited her, this was not enough to establish undue influence.

Inga’s husband’s will left half of his estate to her if she predeceased him

During the probate proceedings, the court considered whether the decedent’s will left half of his estate to Inga if she predeceased him. Inga’s sister testified that the decedent had told her that he would give her everything if she married him. However, after their marriage, the couple had a fight over a table. This prompted Inga to take a look at a house that her neighbor had put on the market.

Inga’s husband made his will with an eye toward giving her half of his estate if she predeceased him. He had two children, John and Claire, and one daughter, Nancy. The will stated that Inga would get half of the estate if she predeceased him, but his second wife, Nancy, received a third of the estate.

Inga’s will disinherited her

Marvin disinherited Inga when he died, but not because he was under the influence of undue influence. The court decided that Marvin’s actions, including making the will, were in his best interests, and they did not constitute undue influence. Inga had urged him to make a will in her favor, but that wasn’t enough to show undue influence.

Inga’s cousin’s influence on her husband’s will

Inga Edwards’s cousin, Arlene Miller, had a large influence on her husband’s will. The evidence showed that the two were socializing after Inga’s wife died in 1978. According to her son, the two first met around 1980 or 1981. Inga had also invited her to a dance and asked about purchasing a new home. In 1983, a neighbor had placed a smaller house on the market, so she asked Inga about purchasing it.

Inga’s cousin was also trying to influence the will of her husband. Inga was a widow and a mother of seven children. She was also the grandmother of numerous grandchildren. She was also the sister of Walter Johnson and Irene Carol. Her husband died in 1991. Inga also predeceased her parents, Eric and Malfridur. She also predeceased her daughters, Marion and Betty Jean. She was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Inga’s will included a no-bond clause

Inga Hansen, the widow of a deceased Montana rancher, filed a formal will in the Fallon county court on February 8, 1951. The will named Floyd V. Hansen as executor. It also contained a no-bond clause, requiring the executor to stay away from the ranch to supervise her estate.



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