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Dru Ann Mobley Wiki

Dru Ann Mobley is a former bank loan officer. She is married to Michael Armand Hammer and has 2 children, Armie Hammer and Viktor.

She is a Christian and a former Miss America.

She is also a former actress who made her film debut in 1965 with Elvis Presley in Girl Happy and Harum Scarum. She also appeared in other films like Three on a Couch and The King’s Pirate.

Dru Ann Mobley is the Mother of Armie Hammer

Dru Ann Mobley is the mother of American actor Armie Hammer. She is a Christian and a former bank loan officer. She is also a doting grandmother.

Her son Armie is an American actor who began his career with guest roles in a number of television series before appearing in prominent parts in films such as Billy: The Early Years (2008) and The Social Network (2010). He has since won several awards and appeared in numerous films, including Hotel Mumbai (2018) and On the Basis of Sex (2018).

He also starred in an unusual horror film called Wounds (2019) and was the lead in the drama-thriller Crisis (2021). In 2018, he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for his work in On the Basis of Sex, a biopic about real life taxation law expert Martin D. Ginsburg.

The couple married in 2010 and have two children, a boy and a girl. They live in the Cayman Islands. The kids attend school and lead a “fairly normal” life there, according to People.

Dru Ann Mobley is a Christian

Dru Ann Mobley is an American businesswoman who was married to Michael Hammer for 27 years. The couple has two sons, Armand and Viktor.

She is a devout Christian and believes in following Christ’s teachings. She has been a part of many ministries and serves on several boards.

Her philanthropic work includes the Hammered Heart Foundation and the Oral Roberts University. She also owns a home design and lifestyle brand called Druville.

According to her website, she has a strong commitment to helping people. She is an advocate for social activism and has a passion for working with underprivileged children.

Dru and her husband, Michael Hammer, divorced in 2012. Currently, she works as a businesswoman, owns a home design company, and has a charitable organization.

Dru Ann Mobley is a Former Bank Loan Officer

Dru Ann Mobley, who is Armie Hammer’s mother, worked as a bank loan officer. She married Michael Armand Hammer in 1985, and the couple has two sons.

Dru and Michael have both become Christians. They also run a ministry, Hammer Red Heart, that deals with helping women and children who are in trouble.

She has a daughter, Harper Grace Hammer. She also runs an online store called Druville, which focuses on home design and lifestyle products.

In her spare time, she volunteers for charities. She has a passion for social activism and loves helping people in need.

She has a strict moral outlook on life. She doesn’t watch her son’s movies, and she believes in keeping her children away from alcohol. She and her family are Christian, and she teaches Bible study.

Dru Ann Mobley is a Stepmother

Dru Ann Mobley is a stepmother to Armie Hammer and Viktor Hammer. She and her husband, Michael Armand Hammer, divorced in 2012.

A businesswoman by trade, Mobley has over 30 years of experience in home design, real estate investing, and development. She owns a brand called Druville, which specializes in home designs and aims to give back to the community.

She also has a charity called Hammered Heart Foundation. The proceeds of the foundation go to various ministries and charities around the country.

Mobley also has a daughter, Mary Clancy Collins-White.

During her career, she made guest appearances on a number of popular TV series like Perry Mason (1957), Mission: Impossible (1966), and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. She also appeared in two films with Elvis Presley, Girl Happy and Harum Scarum.

She is also known for her role as Maggie McKinney Drummond on Diff’rent Strokes, which she took over from Dixie Carter in the show’s final season. She also acted in a few games shows and soap operas.



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