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Did Ronnie Spector Have Children by Phil Spector?

During the late 1960’s, the famed rock music producer, Phil Spector, married singer Ronnie Spector. They divorced in 1970. Did they have children?

Donte Phillip Spector

Whether or not Donte Philip Spector has children by Ronnie Spector is an interesting question. Phil and Ronnie were married in the 1960s and their marriage lasted until 1972. They separated and later divorced. The pair married again, this time in 1982, and had two children.

Ronnie was a sheltered girl from Spanish Harlem who grew up wanting to be like sassy black girls flicking cigarettes on the streets. She was 18 when she first met Phil. After a few years, Ronnie was able to escape her mother and run away. Her marriage to Phil was not a happy one. The couple separated in 1972, and then Ronnie found love with Greenfield.

The pair had two children, Gary and Louis, after Phil adopted them. But the twins’ relationship with Phil didn’t last. In 1991, the pair’s son died of leukemia.

Phil and Ronnie reunited in 2002, but it was a short-lived reunion. A year later, Ronnie had cancer. It was diagnosed as covid-19. She died in January of 2021.

Two adult sons

Earlier this year, we reported on the passing of Phil Spector, a troubled man who was the founder of Teddy Bears, The Ronettes, and Liberty Records. In addition to his musical achievements, he was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder and mental maladies. He was sentenced to 19 years in prison.

In recent times, Ronnie Spector has had two adult sons by Phil Spector, Donte Philip and Gary Philip. These twins were not related to the two other children she had by Phil, Louis and Gary. They were adopted during her marriage to Phil.

In a recent interview, Ronnie revealed that Phil did not tell her about the adoption before she married him. She said that she was not expecting him to have more children.

Phil and Ronnie married in 1968. They lived in a mansion in Beverly Hills surrounded by barbed wire. There was also a 10-foot electrified gate around the entire house. Workmen were constructing a barbed wire fence and a monitoring intercom system in all rooms.

Abuse in their marriage

During Ronnie Spector’s marriage to famed music producer Phil Spector, she reportedly suffered years of psychological abuse, physical abuse and a barbed wired home. She was able to flee her home and find safety in New York City, thanks to her mother. But in the end, she was forced to sign away her future royalties in a divorce settlement.

According to Ronnie, her ex-husband, Phil Spector, was a “lousy husband.” He forced her to sign a divorce settlement in which she agreed to forfeit her future royalties. He also threatened to kill her if she left his home. He also put guard dogs around the house and hid her shoes.

During her marriage to Phil, Ronnie claims that he pulled a gun on her. She says he also ordered her to wear a life-sized figurine of himself when she was out of the house.

According to Ronnie, Phil was a controlling and paranoid man. He did not allow her to leave the house without his permission, and he had a gold coffin in his basement.

Divorce from Phil Spector

During the time of Divorce from Phil Spector for Ronnie Spector, there were allegations of physical and psychological abuse. During her seven year marriage to Phil, she had to deal with constant abuse. She was not allowed to express herself and was often intoxicated to cope. In 1990, she wrote a memoir titled “Be My Baby” that detailed her experience with an abusive relationship.

She wrote in the book that she thought she would die without leaving Phil. She had to sign over her rights to future earnings to Phil. She also claimed that Phil threatened to kill her. However, in the divorce settlement, she received $25,000 and a used car.

Ronnie also claims that Phil kept a gold coffin in the basement. She was able to escape the situation when her mother helped her.

In addition to her alleged abuse, Ronnie’s children suffered from the same problems as well. She was forced to give up custody of her children. She was also struck with alcohol addiction. She began to become depressed.



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