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Deidre Pujols Age

Deidre Pujols age is estimated to be around 40-43 years old. She is married to Albert Pujols, who is a professional baseball player.

They married on January 1, 2000, and have five children together. Their oldest daughter is Isabella, and they have four sons.

She is a married woman

Deidre Pujols age is between 40-43 years. She was born in Roeland Park, Kansas, United States.

She is a philanthropist and social worker who helps poor women and children financially. She also runs her own business and is a popular social media influencer.

Her husband Albert Pujols is a professional baseball player who plays for the St. Louis Cardinals. They got married in January 2000.

According to reports, Albert and Deidre are getting a divorce soon. They met in 1999 at a Latin dance club in Kansas City and got married a year later.

She completed her primary education in a local school and joined Kansas City University to get her degree. After graduation, she started doing welfare work for the poor and underprivileged. She is a philanthropist who supports many causes and also founded the Pujols Family Foundation in 2005. She also works with Open Gate International and Strike Out Slavery.

She has a daughter

Deidre Pujols age is a married woman who is widely recognized as the wife of Albert Pujols, an American baseball player. She is a social worker, writer, and philanthropist.

She is the mother of Isabella, a child with Down syndrome who has a special place in her heart. She and Albert formed the Pujols Family Foundation in 2005 to help people with Down syndrome in the Dominican Republic.

Before she met Albert, Deidre Corona was a single mother. She was 21 when she gave birth to Isabella and was struggling to cope.

However, she had the support of her parents Michael and Annette Corona. They helped her to raise her daughter and later, they also adopted her.

She and her husband have five children, including Isabella Pujols, Sophia Pujols, Ezra Pujols, Esther Grace Pujols, and Albert Pujols Jr. They live in Orange County, California.

She is a philanthropist

Deidre Pujols age is a successful philanthropist and social worker. She is a co-founder of the Pujols Family Foundation, CEO of Pujols Kitchen LLC and a member of the charity group Open Gate International.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she has been a devoted philanthropist since 2005. She has founded a number of nonprofit organizations to bring awareness to human trafficking and Down syndrome, as well as help poor people around the world.

In addition, she is a co-founder of Strike Out Slavery and has established a home called Open Gate International to train young people from the Dominican Republic who have been trafficked. This organization offers vocational training to those who are rescued from trafficking and provides them with skills they can use to find work in the restaurant industry.

She and her husband, Albert Pujols, have five children together. Their kids include Sophia, Ezra, Esther Grace and Albert Pujols Jr. They are a happy family and share lots of pictures on social media.

She is a social worker

Deidre Pujols age is a well-known American philanthropist, social worker, chef, television personality, and businesswoman. She is best known as the wife of Albert Pujols, a Dominican-American professional baseball player.

She is a social worker and author of her own cookbook called “In The Pujols Kitchen.” She works hard to help poor women and also runs her own company.

According to her LinkedIn page, she is the CEO of Pujols Kitchen LLC since 2008. The company’s purpose is to build stronger, healthier communities while reducing hunger one family at a time.

In addition, she is the founder of Pujols Family Foundation since 2005. The Foundation supports children with Down syndrome and their families. They also have Open Gate International residence where young people from the Dominican Republic can receive vocational training.

She and her husband launched a campaign named Strike Out Slavery in 2017, which is working against human trafficking. It spreads awareness about the issue and also educates victims.



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