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Damon Wimbley Weight Loss

The American rapper and actor Damon Wimbley, also known as Kool Rock Ski from the group The Fat Boys, underwent an unbelievable weight loss journey. He shed around 163 lbs and his body is now healthier than before.

Mark Anthony Morales, aka Prince Markie Dee, formed the Disco 3 with his friends Darren Robinson (The Human Beat Box) and Damon Wimbley (Kool Rock Ski). They later became the Fat Boys, popularizing beatboxing, making them one of rap’s first pop culture ambassadors.

Weight Loss

Damon Wimbley is an American rapper and actor best known for his work with the old-school hip hop group, The Fat Boys. He has appeared in several films, including Disorderlies (1987), Krush Groove (1985), and Price of Glory (2000).

Despite his success, Wimbley is a very private person. He has yet to disclose his marital status or family information.

When Damon Wimbley was a member of The Fat Boys he had a very busy schedule with many tours and performances. This meant that he did not always have time to focus on his physical appearance and weight loss.

Damon Wimbley’s weight loss journey is an inspiration to anyone who is struggling with their own weight. He was able to lose weight by following a proper diet plan and working out regularly. The main factor that helped him reach his goal was a caloric deficit.

Diet Plan

The American rapper Damon Wimbley is most popular for being a member of the hip hop group The Fat Boys. He is a very successful music artist who has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand.

His weight loss story is an inspiration to all the people who are battling with their weight issues and want to have a slim physique. He abides by a strict diet plan and follows workout sessions which helped him to lose a significant amount of pounds.

He also maintained his smart and cool look despite being overweight. This made him even more appealing to his fans and he continues to work hard to maintain his physique and stay in the limelight.

The three founding members of The Fat Boys were Mark Anthony Morales (Prince Markie Dee), Darren Robinson (Buff Love), and Damon Wimbley (Kool Rock Ski). They put out seven full length albums, all of which charted well.

Workout Routine

During his time in the Fat Boys group Damon Wimbley (Kool Rock Ski) was always very busy on the road performing to their fans. This resulted in him gaining a lot of weight. He was weighing around 330 pounds at one point and had a hard time doing day-to-day activities like tying shoelaces or bending down.

After that he had to start focusing on his health and started eating a healthy diet. He also started working out regularly and this helped him lose a lot of weight.

The Brooklyn-born rapper Mark Morales, Darren Robinson (The Human Beatbox) and Damon Wimbley (KoolRock Ski) formed the group in the early 1980s. They won a talent contest at Radio City Music Hall and were signed by a record company.


Damon Wimbley is best known for his work with the Fat Boys hip-hop trio. He is also a well-known actor who has appeared in movies such as Disorderlies, Krush Groove, and Price of Glory.

Despite being in the limelight, Damon Wimbley remains a private person and has not revealed his personal life. He hasn’t posted any social media posts for years and spends his time living a normal life away from the spotlight.

As of 2022, Damon Wimbley has an estimated net worth of about $400,000. He is a Flourishing American rapper who was born on November 4, 1966.

He is 5 ft 8 in (173 cm) tall and has a chiseled body. He has black eyes and dark hair.

Damon Wimbley is known for his work with the Fat Boys hip-hop group and he has gained fame with his rapping skills. He has also been a part of many music videos. He has won several awards for his rap songs and has also been nominated for The Soul Train Music Award.



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