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Corey Gauff – The Father of Tennis Prodigy Coco Gauff

Corey Gauff is one of the most recognizable professional tennis players of all time. In this article, you will learn about the athlete’s life and career, including his clay-court season and his insight into being a father and coach.

Corey Gauff’s parents were athletes

It is hard to believe that Corey Gauff’s parents were athletes, but this was actually the case. His father played Division I basketball at Georgia State University and his mother was a hurdler at Florida State.

In fact, both of Corey’s parents were athletes, and his family moved to Delray Beach, Florida, shortly after they got married. Their goal was to give their daughters a better chance at succeeding in the sports world.

Coco Gauff was born on March 13, 2004. She has two brothers, one 11 years old and the other six. Aside from tennis, the youngest of the family’s interests include soccer and dance. Her parents have encouraged her to play other sports, such as volleyball and basketball.

When Coco was eight, her parents decided to drop everything and move to Florida to help her pursue her athletic dreams. While living in Atlanta, Gauff would go to the courts with her sister, who was a pro.

Eventually, Corey and Candi Gauff opted to quit their jobs and devote their time to their daughter’s tennis endeavors. The couple’s plan worked. Cori Gauff has been to the Wimbledon finals and has been a doubles contender for the USTA.

Corey Gauff’s tennis career

Corey Gauff is a former basketball player and healthcare executive. He lives in Delray Beach, Florida. Besides playing tennis, he also helps his daughter Coco with her career.

Corey Gauff and his wife Candi Odom have three children. They moved to Georgia when Cori was 7 and then to Florida. Cori is now a high school student and a tennis player.

Gauff began to play tennis at age six. She grew up watching Serena Williams. Her parents were tennis coaches. Eventually they left their jobs to train their daughter. Corey is now Cori’s primary coach.

Corey Corey’s daughter has become a national icon. It has been said that she is the next big hope for American women’s tennis. With millions in endorsements, she is expected to earn a huge income in the future.

As a teenager, she won the United States Tennis Association Clay Court National 12-under title and reached the final of the US Open juniors. At 18, she is considered one of the top prospects for the WTA.

Corey Gauff’s clay-court season

If you are a tennis fan, you probably have heard of Corey Gauff. The Delray Beach resident is currently 18th seeded at the French Open. He is a talented player who has been training with Serena Williams’ coach, Patrick Mouratoglou.

Gauff started playing tennis when he was just six. His parents, who are seasoned athletes, pushed him to try more sports.

Eventually, he moved to France to train under Patrick Mouratoglou. In the meantime, he won a few events in the ITF Junior Circuit.

One of those wins came at the Orange Bowl. It was the first time he beat an opponent in the main draw of an ITF tournament. Afterward, he went on to win two more ITF junior tournaments.

He then went on to play at the Auckland Open in New Zealand. On the way, he exhibited great tennis.

He also played a number of tournaments in the United States. Most notably, he won the USTA Clay Court National 12-and-under title.

Corey Gauff’s insight on being a father and coach

The father of tennis phenom Coco Gauff, Corey Gauff, is a former basketball player and health care executive who left his job to help his daughter reach success on the courts. He has a rich athletic background, including a stint at the Georgia State University.

Corey has worked as a coach and mentor for his daughter. She has achieved success early on in her career. A year ago, she was ranked 875th in the world rankings. Now she is a WTA World No 51. In addition to her success on the court, she has made her mark on social issues. Her Instagram bio has a viral hashtag – #prayforsudan – which helps raise money for the Sudanese government.

Gauff began playing tennis at age seven. As a young girl, she watched her idol Serena Williams. Her parents are both former athletes, with Candi being a heptathlete at Florida State and Corey being a Division I basketball player at Georgia State.



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