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Chyna Tahjere Griffin and Social Media

It isn’t just a question of whether Chyna Tahjere has managed to maintain her social media presence. Her fans have also been able to catch a glimpse of her life outside of the music arena. As well as focusing on her personal life, this article will tell readers about her career in music and the role that social media plays in it.


Chyna Tahjere Griffin is a rising American singer. She is known for her hits songs. In addition to her music, she has also tried her hand in other professions.

Besides being a singer, she has a background in acting and makeup. She began her career as a makeup artist and has worked for several famous celebrities. Her mother, Faith Evans, is an RnB legend. As a child, she grew up singing backup for other musicians.

Chyna started to write songs at the age of four. She then went on to study at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. During her time at the Institute, she worked with some legendary musicians. Currently, Chyna has her own Instagram account. She has 27k followers on her social media page.

Early life

In April 1993, Chyna Tahjere Griffin was born in the U.S. She is the daughter of Faith Evans and Kiyamma Griffin. The young girl is of African-American descent and has dark brown hair.

During the early years of her life, she lived with her mother. They had a lot of time to spend together. Both parents were involved with the music industry. At the age of four, Chyna wrote her first song. This song was titled Alright and she released it with her father.

While she was growing up, she also lived with her half-brother C.J. Wallace. But her parents decided to separate when her brothers were grown.

The pair had problems with drug possession. Despite this, both had a love for the entertainment industry. When they left the family apartment, they stayed in motels. Their mother, Russaw, worked as a writer for Mary J. Blige.

Music career

Chyna Tahjere Griffin is an African-American singer, songwriter and musician. She was born on April 1, 1993, in Newark, New Jersey, United States. She is the daughter of Faith Evans and Kiyamma Griffin. Her parents are music promoters and producers.

Chyna has been working as a make-up artist and singer. She released her first single Grown Lady in 2012. In 2012, Chyna launched her debut mix-tape Alright. The project featured Snoop Dogg and Warren G. It reached Billboard Charts.

She is a talented musician who is known for her hit songs. She also has a lot of male fans. She has been trying to build her career and hopes to become a superstar in the music industry.

Chyna is the daughter of legendary RnB singer Faith Evans and her husband Kiyamma Griffin. When she was young, she started to write musical tunes. Later, she learned how to play different types of musical instruments.

Personal life

Chyna Tahjere Griffin is a talented American artist who is now in the industry. She was born in 1993. She has a long red hair and she has an Aries birth sign. Her mother is Faith Evans and her father is Kiyamma Griffin.

In early 2010, Chyna Tahjere started working in the entertainment industry. She began her career as a singer, songwriter, and producer. Since then, she has worked with various artists. She has also released her own singles. The first song of hers, Grown Lady, reached the Billboard charts.

At the age of four, Chyna began to write musical tunes. Moreover, she attended the local performing arts school. From then on, she learned to play various musical instruments.

In the early years of her life, Chyna was raised by her mother. When she was two, her mother began dating rapper Biggie Smalls. After that, they moved in to Biggie’s apartment in New York.

Social media presence

Chyna Tahjere Griffin is an American singer and songwriter. She was born in New Jersey, the United States on April 1, 1993. Her mother, Faith Evans, is an award-winning R&B singer and songwriter. In 2012, she released her first single, Grown Lady. It went on to be a hit.

Chyna Tahjere is the elder sister of three half-brothers. Her biological father is Kiyamma Griffin and her mother is Faith Evans. However, the two are not close.

Nevertheless, Chyna was raised by her mother for the first year of her life. She also spent a lot of time with her parents in music studios.

At age seven, she started playing the piano. Later, she developed a love for singing and writing songs. During her early teen years, she sang backup for other musicians. She wrote lyrics for established acts like Mary J. Blige and Babyface.



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