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Atila Altaunbay Wiki

Atila Altaunbay is a Turkish bodyguard who caught the media’s attention after marrying Grace Jones. They were married for eight years but later they split up in 2004.

Atila was born in 1976 into a Turkish family but grew up in Belgium. He was first hired as a club security guard before he moved on to being Grace Jones’ personal bodyguard.

Born in 1976

Atila Altaunbay was born in 1976 and is a Turkish Muslim. He grew up in Belgium, Northwestern Europe.

He is married to Grace Jones, a Jamaican singer, actress, and model who is 28 years older than him. They were married for seven years and are still together.

When Grace and Atila first met, he was a bodyguard for her, but they became romantically involved. They were both pursuing careers in the entertainment industry.

However, a day later they had an argument and Atila grabbed a knife to threaten her. This triggered a series of events that ultimately ended their marriage.

Since then, Atila has kept a low profile and has not been seen with any other woman. This is probably to avoid unnecessary media attention.

Atila Altaunbay has a net worth of $800,000. He is a Turkish actor, singer, and model who is famous for his marriage with Grace Jones.

Married to Grace Jones

Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica on May 19, 1948, Jones and her family moved to Syracuse, New York when she was a teenager. She began her career as a model and later became an actress.

Her mother was a strict Pentecostal. Grace attended church three times a week. Her father, a pastor, was an elder in the same church.

Grace Jones and Atila Altaunbay tied the knot in 1996 when he was only 21 years old. They were married for seven years until their separation in 2004.

The couple was separated for a reason that was unclear. However, it was thought that he might have been jealous of how much attention Grace got from other men.

According to her, Atila took a knife and threatened her during the argument. He then left and has not been seen since. Despite this, their divorce was never official.

Net worth

Atila Altaunbay has an estimated net worth of $800,000. He accumulated this wealth working as a bodyguard for Grace Jones.

Atila is a Muslim and belongs to a Turkish family. However, there is little information available about his childhood and educational background.

In addition, he has not been active on social media platforms such as Instagram.

He is reportedly shy and dislikes being the center of attention, so it may be why he is not on the internet.

His ex-wife, Grace Jones, has an estimated net worth of $7 million. Her songs have sold well and reached the top of music charts.

Her albums include Portfolio, Fame, Slave to the Rhythm, Hurricane, Nightclubbing, and more.

She has also starred in several movies such as Conan the Destroyer, Boomerang, and Vamp.

She has no children of her own, but she serves as a step-grandfather to Grace Jones’ son, Paulo Goude. Atila and Grace were married in 1996 but they split up in 2004.


Atila Altaunbay was born in Turkey into a Muslim family. He grew up in Belgium, Northwestern Europe.

He is a professional bodyguard and has also been an actor and model in the past. He has appeared in various stage dramas and movies.

When he was young, Atila lived his life to please himself and not society. He dated the Jamaican-American singer Grace Jones before marrying her in 1996, when she was just 21 years old.

Despite their age difference, they were married in a small ceremony with 50 guests. However, their marriage did not last long and they got divorced in 2004.

Atila Altaunbay does not have a child of his own, but he was a stepfather to Grace Jones’ son Paulo Goude during their marriage with Jean Paul-Goude. He has an estimated net worth of $800,000.



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