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Are Steph Curry and Klay Thompson Close Friends?

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are a dynamic backcourt duo that’s reminiscent of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. They’ve helped the Golden State Warriors win four championships together and remain one of the most explosive and consistent backcourt duos in the game.

But how much does their friendship go beyond the court? Are Steph Curry and Klay Thompson close friends off the court, too?

1. They’re close on the court

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson have become one of the most explosive backcourt duos in NBA history, known as Splash Brothers. But their on-court chemistry took a lot of work to develop.

The Warriors are looking to win their fourth title in eight years this year and they’ll need every bit of help they can get from their teammates if they want to do it. And that includes Klay Thompson, who is close with the team and is looking to make an even bigger impact this season.

In the beginning of this season, Thompson was still dealing with rust after a torn Achilles and a torn ACL last year. But he’s fully healed now and is back to doing everything on the court he used to do. He’s taking more responsibility for scoring, especially with Stephen Curry sidelined. He’s putting up career-high numbers in field goals and 3-point attempts. Those are all great things for the Warriors to have.

2. They’re close off the court

Golden State Warriors teammates Steph Curry and Klay Thompson aren’t just fraternal twins with freakish shooting skills, they’re also close off the court. Often discussed in the media as Splash Brothers, Curry and Thompson have long talked about their friendship outside of basketball.

The two are sons of NBA stars and grew up around the game. They’re both low-maintenance personalities who genuinely like to push each other to be better.

In their spare time, they love to go fishing and spearfishing – so much so that they’ve been added to a PGA 2K23 video game.

Kerr says they’re a good team and talk often. He thinks it’s important for the two to have a relationship off the court.

That’s why he invited Thompson to visit his house in Mexico last summer. Fraser figured it would be a great way for him to get out and surf and see how his best friend was doing after overcoming back-to-back lower leg injuries.

3. They’re close in the locker room

One of the best things about Steph Curry and Klay Thompson is their bond. They’ve been the longest-tenured superstar duo in NBA history, and their friendship has helped them become the most consistent championship contender over the last decade.

As they have evolved together, both players have become true brothers who can talk through anything with each other without arguing. This is a huge part of their success and has been one of the most important factors in their team’s run to four championships.

As Thompson was recovering from a knee injury, his teammates rallied around him in different ways. Pachulia, for instance, pushed the Splash Brother to buy a boat.

4. They’re close in the media

The Golden State Warriors have been close on and off the court since 2011, and both players compliment each other to help the team succeed. They also have a great relationship with Draymond Green and form the “Big 3” that has notably three NBA championships.

Steph Curry was crowned 3-point king last season, and he thanked his family, coaches and teammates for helping him achieve this milestone. However, he revealed that someone close to him who unfortunately wasn’t in the building when history was made was Klay Thompson.

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were a part of the Golden State Warriors, who revolutionized basketball by making three-point shooting the norm. They’re fondly referred to as the Splash Brothers.



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