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Action Bronson’s Wife – Valeria Salazar

Action Bronson’s Wife – Valeria Salazar

If you’ve ever wondered who Action Bronson is married to, look no further than Valeria Salazar. This Native American healer, yoga instructor, and therapist is the answer to your questions. In 2007, the couple began dating and eventually wed. Now, they’ve been married for almost nine years and share three children.

Valeria Salazar

Actor Action Bronson and his wife Valeria Salazar are expecting their first child together. The couple have been together for nearly a decade and are now planning to spend the rest of their lives together. They have recently revealed that they are expecting their first child in October 2019. The couple has been sharing updates about the upcoming birth via their Instagram accounts.

Valeria Salazar is the wife of American hip hop artist Action Bronson. She is a social worker and a healer. She is also a TV presenter and has her own show on Viceland. She has also released a series of mixtapes. Action Bronson is a member of the hip hop community and has collaborated with other hip hop artists like The Alchemist and Party Supplies.

Valeria is a healer, yoga instructor, and therapist

Valeria Salazar is the girlfriend of Action Bronson, and they have been dating for several years. She is a social worker, yoga instructor, and healer. According to reports, the couple is not married, but they live together as if they are. The couple welcomed a baby boy in November of this year, and they have a strong bond of love and affection.

Valeria and Action Bronson decided to give birth to their baby naturally. They chose not to use any painkillers or other medications, so it was a very natural process. They had planned to give birth in October, but they were surprised when the baby was not born on time. Bronson accompanied Valeria to the hospital while she was in labor, playing Peruvian flute for her.

She is a Native American

Action Bronson is known for his colorful persona and his mysterious personal life. Bronson is already a father of two children. His first child, Elijah, is of West Indian ancestry and his second child, Benicio, is of mixed ancestry. He and his wife Valeria Salazar married in 2009 and welcomed their first child in October. The couple opted for a natural delivery rather than undergoing any medical procedures.

Action Bronson’s wife is derived from Native American Indian descent. He met his partner through a high school girl from Bayside, New York. He also attended the Art Institute of New York City’s culinary program. Bronson and Valeria have a son named Benicio. Action Bronson had a relationship for several years. Bronson has not revealed his former girlfriend’s identity.

She is a therapist

Valeria Salazar, Action Bronson’s wife, has two children. Her eldest daughter is named Hannah and her youngest son is named Elijah. Valeria is a therapist and licensed social worker. She has also started a YouTube channel and is a mother of two children.

Action Bronson is currently in a happy relationship with Valeria, a therapist. Their relationship is not public, but the couple does live together like a married couple. They recently welcomed a baby together.

She is a healer

Action Bronson’s wife, Valeria Salazar, is a social worker. The two have been together for three years. Although the two are not legally married, they live as if they are. The couple has one son, Benicio. In September 2018, Action announced that they are expecting another child.

Action Bronson has several tattoos on his body. One is a tattoo of a skull with an eagle emerging. He explained that it symbolizes freedom. Another tattoo is of a large shrine with little birds flying in the background and flowers on either side.

Benicio is a mixed ethnicity

Action and Valeria Bronson announced their first child, a boy, on November 12, 2019. The couple chose the name Benicio, which means benevolent in Spanish. The name reflects Action and Valeria’s mixed ethnicity. Their father is of Albanian Muslim and Jewish heritage, while their mother is Mexican. Valeria also wanted to give birth to her son the natural way, without the use of medical technology. The birth took place on November 11, 2019.

While Action and Valeria Bronson do not appear to be married, the couple are living together as if they are married. Action’s Instagram account has over 2.2 million followers, while Valeria’s YouTube channel has over 540,000 subscribers. Action and Valeria first met in 2015 and have been together ever since. Valeria has a background in social work and is a yoga instructor.

He has tattoos on his body

Action Bronson has several tattoos on his body. Some of these are symbolic and relate to his life and career. One of his tattoos is a face of a croc with its tongue hanging out, while another one shows a growling lion. Both have a deep meaning for Action.

Action Bronson’s partner Valeria Bronson is of Colombian descent and was born in New York City. She is also a yoga teacher and a devoted Hindu. Action is in a long-term relationship with Valeria, who has been with him for over 5 years. The couple has a son together, Benicio. He recently announced that he is expecting a second child.



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